April 18, 2017

FreshRSS: Better Integration with Wallabag

I’ve started using FreshRSS for my RSS feeds a few days ago. It’s a great software that works pretty well for me. But there is one thing I’ve found a little annoying: I like to go through the headlines of my RSS feeds on my phone and then save the articles I want to read to Wallabag. FreshRSS already supports this through its share function, but it is a little inconvenient. Every time I add an article to Wallabag, it opens a new tab which I have to close. Especially on my mobile, this is annoying.

To solve this problem, I’ve created a small hackish extension for FreshRSS that solves this problem. Instead of opening a link on the client side, it adds the article to Wallabag from the server side using the Wallabag v2 REST API. Thus, no new tab is opened and you are not interrupted while reading through your headlines.

Check out the plugin at https://git.n7r.de/nrb/freshrss-wallabag.

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